• Based in Mumbai, focused on inflows and outflows -India


    Introduction to PIVOT, "India's premier advisory firm in Securities Services"......know more
    PIVOT Management launches Broking Advisory Servicesknow more


    PIVOT Management  launches Consulting Services for FPI's

  • PIVOT as knowledge partner for BSE-ICCL 's handbook, " FPI - Easing access to India" the first ever complete, concise references.....know more

    PIVOT launches, " FPI News that you can use". A first in India....know more

     PIVOT published “Attracting FPI Investors: Fixing perceptions, Driving Solutions".....know more

     PIVOT published "Custodian Bank": India Adopting Global Standards.....know more

    PIVOT’s FPI related Snapshot on Union Budget 2017.... know more

  • Access BSE FPI Handbook in 8 international Languages .........know more 


     ICCL-BSE's Nationwide FPI Roadshow" All that you wanted to know about FPIs" attended by over 550+ invitees. PIVOT conceptualizes and acts as Knowledge partner


  • PIVOT Partners 2nd India Regulatory Summit 2016 of 10th March

     PIVOT Partners India Regulatory Summit 2015 of 10th March-attended by 98 Institutions, 144 Invitees .....know more


     Testimonial-Bank of New York Mellon........know more 


  • PIVOT conceptualised & moderated StockHolding's Global telecall, Budget 2016 PIVOT moderated BSE-ICCL's Global telecall, Indian Budget 2016 

    PIVOT conceptualised & moderated StockHolding's Global telecall, Budget 2015 PIVOT moderated BSE-ICCL's Global telecall, Indian Budget 2015

  • PIVOT becomes channel partner of eMudhra for it's software products including eMAS, eMsigner, eSign.........know more

    PIVOT Management in strategic alliance with Regulation Asia, Hong Kong…know more


    PIVOT Management in strategic alliance with HornbyChapman, London...know more

  • PIVOT quoted in leading Asia E-Zine on MAT

    PIVOT host Indian Roundtable in HongKong


     Is India ready to have it's own Global custodian - a case for the same.

    Case for Custodian Banks in India

  • Viraj Kulkarni joins as Member of the Private Equity, Venture Capital and Capital Markets committee of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


    PIVOT Partner BCCI meeting with leading Asset Management Company From China 
    PIVOT, BCCI & Chinese Asset Management Delegation meet with Shri. Ananta Barua, Executive Director, SEBI

  • Together with BSE conducted an" invest in India" workshop for a prospective foreign fund. In the process picked up a number of insights!!

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