Escrow Solution

The significant increase in FDI inflows and rapid development of Infrastructure has contributed to the growth of Escrow segment. Third party asset safekeeping and controlled disbursement solutions are critical for counter parties to an underlying financial transaction. Escrow arrangement Mitigate counter party risk by ensuring a portion of funds are set aside with a neutral third party and Contractual agreement to govern the movement of funds

PIVOT has deep experience and expertise in developing “Escrow Services” as a strategic business line as well as established strategic networks for integrated solution. Our expertise and skills includes positioning of Escrow product offerings across customer groups, establishing strategic alliances, developing product and operational capability.

Major Escrow Solutions active in Indian Capital Markets-

  • M&A Escrow
  • Subscription Escrow
  • Regulatory Escrow
  • Construction Fund Escrow
  • Split Fee/JV collection Escrow
  • Performance Guarantee Escrow
  • Physical Safe Keeping
  • Source Code Escrow
  • Trust & Retention