Our core expertise a rich understanding of- Macro opportunities, innovative and disruptive solutions, competitive landscape, opportunity landscape, product build out, revenue drivers, and solutions tailoring. Enabling end client satisfaction, and practices that help build a world- class scalable franchise, are our core goals for increasing our core aspiration.

Key strengths include

Developing large businesses, strategizing and business re-engineering, business migrations, business planning and budgeting, strengthening P&L, setting up measureable management goals. Others capabilities being- identifying target segment, pricing, Investment business plans, originating/ leveraging relationships, market advocacy, RFP management, leveraging a diverse skill set team of specialists, alignment of local goals with Global objectives, market advocacy.

Market Infrastructure related

Our long and rich experience of working alongside SROs, Industry groups and Regulators in suggesting best practices and FPI related initiatives, Regulatory Events and Depositary Related thought leadership is well recognized(see listing of events). We have worked on market infrastructures to find consensual implementations consistent with evolution and development of Capital markets.

Capital Market and securities services exposures spans
  • Excellent understanding of Macros, expert knowledge of the market
  • Expertise in developing innovative disruptive solutions that promotes scalability of Institutional segment
  • High experience and exposure to developing Sales, Market Positioning, Brand Building
  • Developing and enrichment of Products as well as Product mix
  • High understanding of Technology, Risk Management, Operations and Compliance
  • Excellent understanding of client requirements and key drivers
  • Access to high quality resources
  • Excellent exposure on developing best practices
  • Establishing partnerships with other intermediaries for business growth