PIVOT conceptualizes, knowledge partner for the first ever Nationwide FPI Seminar

BSE Ltd. – ICCL hosted a series of Nationwide Seminars on Foreign Portfolio Investors Regulation, 2014, “All that you wanted to know about FPI”. This unique concept engaging leading Custodians, Foreign and Indian Banks, CPA firms, Legal Firms as speakers, from 17 leading institutions was attended by a record  over 545 select invitees(Mumbai and Delhi)) from Brokerage firms, Wealth Managers, Corporates, SROs, Commerce Bodies, PE firms, Banking, Custodians etc. 6 leading cities will be covered in this excercise. PIVOT Conceptualized the theme, acted as knowledge partner and Viraj Kulkarni of PIVOT moderated on this highly successgul Seminar of BSE- ICCL