PIVOTS Core Specialisation


Business side solutions: Our key strength lies in successful Business Transformation

Global providers gearing to set up business in India will have to acquaint themselves with existing challenges and opportunities, to set up effective operations and a profitable business in the shortest possible time or to establish strategic alliances with existing providers.

At PIVOT, we understand your aspirations as a Securities services provider. 

Core expertise in below areas: Proven capability - Enabling clients/ third parties to have a better perspective, more effective due diligence, reduction in time and costs.

Business Planning

Custodians: Setting up/ assisting in developing Business Plans. Reviewing Business Plans, preparing of forecasts and guidance wrt. financial projections.

Third Parties: Review Business Plans, Due diligence, assessment of viability, forecasting, providing inputs on opportunities and challenges wrt. Business including Operations, for strategic Tie- ups

Business Re-engineering

Custodians: Undertake complete evaluation of existing Business including operations, determine the SWOT, advocate and implement growth oriented solutions and reduced risk, Management executive summaries and measurements, Strategic alliances, Training

Third Parties: Assist in pre-investment due diligence, for assessment of SWOT and recommendations; Post investment - advocate and undertake Business Re-engineering in accordance with aspirations of the client, Strategic alliances and integration related

Due Diligence

Custodians: We assist our clients in setting up due diligence standards, preparing for due diligence, especially in the case of those done by existing client/ new prospect/ International

Third parties: We undertake due diligence on behalf of third parties/international/overseas based Investor/Overseas based provider, by providing local market expertise in a due diligence process

Operations, Compliance and Risk

Custodians: Review of existing Operations set up, establishment of Operations manuals, emphasis on STP solutions, recommending best solutions as well as make vs Buy solutions, end Client related Ops initiatives, Reports, Impact analysis, Training, review of controls and measurements

Third Parties: Review of existing operations and capabilities, advising on build vs buy, strategic co-ordinations, review of measurements, controls, undertaking SWOT, reports

Sales and Marketing

Custodians: Review of Sales plan, devising sales plan by segment, development of Business leading sales measurements, develop market intelligence, development of client facing tools, advising on cross sell and strategic tie ups, sales and marketing collaterals development, developing business intelligence, strategic Tie-ups, Training and JDs

Third Parties: Review of Sales plan and strategy, development of measurements, Gap analysis and solutions, strategic solutions, review of marketing collaterals.

Market Advocacy

Custodians: Development of internal tools, development of proactive engagements, participation in Industry and international meets, Training and development of papers, development of best practices, Client engagement wrt Market Advocacy

Third Parties: Determine the strength / weakness in market advocacy, provide solutions to improve/leverage, provide the impacts to franchise and steps needed


As an advisory, we help formulate growth strategies, source deals, and assist in the due diligence. We advise clients on evaluating acquisitions and mergers for growth, expansion and market reach as a strategic initiatives partner.

PIVOT’s Core Competency encompass: Business Solutions, Planning, Strategy, Product Development, Business Development, Implementation, Measurements, Business Re-engineering, Management.
Core steps
Within the mainstream of our core competency lies a process of five distinct steps that comprehensively maps your business aspirations
We aim at developing and generating sustainable financial results using practical and expert forecasting and analytical tools, supporting our clients to achieving outstanding financial and business excellence. Therefore, we focus not only on the strategic perspective but also on achieving operational excellence in all the above areas.
Our Clients’ goals
Our Clients’ goals drive the solutions we provide. As a norm, clients with a passion to grow will focus and ask for the following:
For Effective performance
  • “We need product innovation. Help us to reduce product development cycle time.”
  • “We want to drive more profits from our existing client mix and asset base."
  • "We need to increase revenues in our high margin segments."
  • “How can we improve operating margins and cash flow?”
  • “We require a results-based management.”
  • “How can we Increase sales volumes - units or transactions?”
  • “We must improve in the areas of customer satisfaction and retention.”
  • “How can we improve our ability to consistently meet customer requirements?”
  • "We have been successful but the competitive landscape is changing. To succeed in the future how do we upgrade our management skills and tools?"
  • “We need Global tie-ups and wish to tap cross border opportunities.”
  • “How can we aspire to be an effective pan-India provider?”
  • “We need to improve our business focus, while we have a robust Technology and operations.”
For Increased predictability in Business and financial results
  • “How can we improve performance reliability?”
  • "We want to drive more profits from our existing client mix and asset base."
  • "We need to increase revenues in our high margin segments."
  • "We've invested a ton in new systems and would like to see payback."
  • "We're growing but we're not making any more money."
  • “Our margins are shrinking, so what other opportunities exist for us?”
  • “We seek strategic alliances.”
  • Our Operations cost is increasing
Software Companies
  • Guiding Development of value added products for the securities services Industry
  • Assisting an understanding of the requirements of the segment and developing solutions, thus augmenting market share and enhancing your local and cross border offering
  • Seeking business transformation and implementation of best practices
  • Developing value added products and strategic Business plans
  • Understanding, and implementation of key drivers and requiring key executive management reports
  • Training and development of resources
  • Seeking strategic alliances and thought leadership
Recruitment Companies
  • Our strategic alliance with the Globally renewed HornbyChapman provides access to best practices wrt. Recruitment, Training, HR and specialists in the field of Securities Services. See more information
Senior Management
  • Developing Business Plans, Transformation and Innovative Business Solutions
  • Producing Executive summaries, Measureable management reports, undertaking projects/assignments
  • Products strategy and development
  • Enriching profitability mix. Developing team and niche segments
  • Market Advocacy and thought leadership initiatives
  • Sales strategy, strategic alliances for multiple segments
  • Simplifying complex issues
CPAs and Legal Firms
  • Assisting CPAs and Legal firms sourced by clients for inputs on existing Business practices or Business models
  • Greater understandings about key drivers that can help establish and build their clients’ businesses
  • Collaborating on Industry related thought leadership initiates.
Our ability and specializations
  • Interpreting Macro Economic Factors – for opportunities/challenges.
  • Building business solutions from early feasibility study, implementation, sustainability and growth.
  • Product development, developing footprints into new segments, identification and leveraging internal cross- sell products, maximising and measuring product profitability, and fees management.
  • Review products as well as implementation and monitoring.
  • Reduce product development cycles to help products to reach market faster.
  • Identification of target segments, Sales activities, Marketing, Market advocacy, engaging cross sell tie-ups externally.
  • Client servicing, retention and segmentation strategies, client relationship management.
  • Identification of effective processing software, selecting the appropriate systems.
  • Identification and deployment of appropriate skilled resources, for effective optimisation.
  • Breaking down the company’s revenue model by customer segments.
  • Developing a Key Revenue Driver Model (PDM) to establish linkages between revenue growth, sales and service performance, Improving after-sale maintenance and ongoing customer supports, and Identifying selling and service gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Equipping customer service reps with skills for effective customer handling.
  • Identifying where, volume or price needs to change and break these down into more specific levers such as those required by new business versus ones needed for improved retention, price yields versus product or service mix etc.
  • Streamlining the selling process to refine the sales, optimise the sales cycle, and effectively use sales management tools.
  • Modifying pricing policies to reduce unnecessary discounting or variability.
  • Implementation process.